Top-5 Summer Housekeeping Essentials

Get ready for a smooth summer with our top 5 recommendations for hospitality industry operators.

Summer is always an active time for the hospitality industry. That is why it is important to make sure that everything is at 100%. Here are a few tips we recommend following in order to get your establishment ready for the summer.

  1. If you are operating in the UAE, then make sure that your AC setup is ready for the heat. This includes all internal and external smoking and non-smoking areas.
  2. If you are an establishment that offers dining, your guests will spend a significant amount of their time around tables. Make sure that you are using table top essentials that have colors that complement the season.
  3. The most important activity is to ensure that your customers know that you are open and taking bookings. Start early and let people know why they should consider you when making plans for the summer.
  4. Covid-19 had a strong impact on the hospitality industry, so you have to make sure that customers feel safe when they consider your establishment. Highlighting customer safety features can have a positive impact and will help prospective customers choose you.
  5. Lastly, check with your suppliers to make sure that they are ready to supply all the amenities, housekeeping items, F&B items, and medical items, that you might need to get through the summer.

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